unbusy me

I’ve been coughing for 3 weeks. My nose is leaking and my eyes are watery.

Being busy and busy coughing.

Being busy.

I had no idea what I meant until I wrote that. I’d rather be busy being. But this is what’s been going on. There are too many things to get done and it’s only the end of February. My mind might know the dates but my body is convinced that I’ve gone past July.

Wordless music best describe me right now.

Sand dunes. Mild sun, cold breeze. It doesn’t smell of the ocean but of wood. Brown and green. Blue and white. Amber. Open fire. Sparks escape the family fire in random fashion to evaporate into the cold air. Where I want to be.

We frosted 120 cupcakes last night.

I found a quote from a book I may want to pick up:

Antonio Monda: You believe firmly in God, but you live in a world where suffering, injustice, and tyrrany exist.
Elie Wiesel: It’s the great torment of my entire existence. The question I don’t know how to answer and that I don’t think anyone can answer. But even in these terrible moments I see not an absence but, rather, an eclipse.



  1. Charis

    I love the cupcakes, and the lilac ones!! Thank you for your labour of love!

  2. ewwgene

    cute picture. get well!

  3. thundered cat

    thank you, dave. thank you :)anne: thanks and welcome <3yew jin: haha. i will…

  4. suejan

    those cupcakes look amazing. what kind of frosting do you use? i need help. my frosting abilities are terrible. hahah

  5. yesel

    ever listen to The Album Leaf?delicious wordless ear food.

  6. thundered cat

    suejan: thanks. it’s buttercream frosting. we had plenty of trial and error too :)yesel: yes, i have. and it’s true, quite delicious :)

  7. Jessica

    oh my those cupcakes look delicious.

  8. thundered cat

    thank you, jessica!

  9. Itscheryl

    lovely looking cupcakes

  10. thundered cat

    thanks, cheryl. i hope you’re feeling better :)

  11. patlow

    stubborn frosting, shrinking cupcakes, herds of tupperwares. 2am.whoppa!

  12. Zach =)

    I like the paper plate-cup concept… Made it urself?

  13. thundered cat

    no zach :) those soufflé cups were bought. i have no such skills…

  14. Ling

    you’ve got a beautiful blog with beautiful pictures! :) nice!

  15. thundered cat

    thanks, ling :)

  16. Jonathan Ong

    hi im iris’ friend.i want a cupcake :)

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