letupan di langit*

That was how they introduced themselves. And the crowd went wild.

It was amazing (and I need more adjectives).

Note to self: one more reason to know that I have lived.

*Explosions in the Sky in Malay.



  1. younger than you

    i bet you were listening to them as you put up this post!

  2. thundered cat

    nope, but i’m listening to them as i type this reply.

  3. agung

    aku jeles gilababi.

  4. thundered cat

    dave, when you see sam beam, we’d be equals.

  5. agung

    don’t know if i’d be able to bring a camera in tho.

  6. jessica

    amazing…. fab pictures, my dear.

  7. thundered cat

    dave: fake pass. hah.jess: thank you! :)

  8. s

    I was there too, all the way from Singapore!Wasn’t that an intense 90 minutes?! :D

  9. thundered cat

    it was!i close my eyes and i still see them. when it’s silent, i hear them.

  10. agung

    oh kenangisan.just found out my iron and wine is a sitting down show.:(

  11. thundered cat

    aww. sit down shows seem too polite for some reason.

  12. agung

    it is. i know it’s iron and wine, but still. :(what photos can i take sitting down??somebody get me a 70-200.

  13. Sarip Dol

    beautiful pictures there.i [even] saw someone cried in between the songs.hah.

  14. Anonymous

    them live is way beyond what i could ever describe in words! there’s just so much heart. all i want to do now is see them again because their music through my mac now lacks the fullness of what i’ve tasted live.iris

  15. thundered cat

    sarip dol: thank you. yeah, i heard about some people crying too :)iris: i know… tasting it live is way beyond experiencing their music through even the best sound system.

  16. zo-cat

    Were you in the press pit? Those are some great shots.

  17. thundered cat

    nope. there wasn’t a press pit, but i was in the second row. thank you :)

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