past, present, future, sugar

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I had many dreams. When I was a teenager, even more. And when I became an adult (maybe not physically but perhaps mentally), my dreams aren’t so ‘grand’ anymore. Here are some of them, fulfilled (√) and unfulfilled (×).

[ √ ] have a dog and a cat
[ × ] learn Japanese (I took a class for two months before the teacher quit on us)
[ √ ] make a short film
[ × ] complete writing a screenplay
[ √ ] do a full storyboard
[ × ] be like Michel Gondry
[ × ] be like Wong Kar-Wai
[ × ] visit Europe
[ × ] travel Tibet
[ √ ] go to Hong Kong
[ √ ] visit India
[ √ ] climb the Angkor Wat
[ × ] ride a horse in Mongolia
[ √ ] travel America again
[ √ ] visit NYC
[ × ] go to Africa
[ × ] grow taller
[ √ ] put up my work in a gallery
[ √ ] snorkel in the sea / swim with wild fish
[ × ] sew my own clothes
[ × ] space travel
[ × ] dance without feeling / looking awkward
[ × ] make perfect soft-boiled eggs without the timer
[ × ] experience Death Cab For Cutie / Sufjan Stevens / Sigur Rós / Arcade Fire live
[ √ ] catch Explosions In The Sky live (this February 19th, KL)
[ √ ] catch Múm live (this March 13th, Singapore)
[ × ] have my art/photographs published
[ √ ] own a retro looking Polaroid camera that works
[ × ] get a Hasselblad
[ × ] go to Afghanistan
[ × ] study overseas
[ × ] have my own dark room
[ × ] go vegan (I can’t give up steak, cheese, sushi and hamburgers. I’m sorry.)
[ √ ] not step into a certain mall for a year (a personal protest)

More to be added.

Here are some cupcakes my sister and I frosted at midnight. I followed an American recipe and found the frosting too sweet. There’s a possibility that one cupcake has as much sugar as a can of Coke. I will do better next time.

I found this interesting.



  1. A.PETH

    ohhh i love cupcakes….and yeah…i’m afraid our recipes induce sugar highs…which then induces odd american behavior.regardless…the cupcakes look lovely.

  2. thundered cat

    haha… thank you :)

  3. astrobuddha

    Is the transition to ‘adulthood’ when dreams become goals? I guess it’s the ability to act on ones dreams that then makes it a goal.Anyways… sorry to purge! I’ve been recently thinking that I really need to set some goals in life… and you got me wondering about these things. Your list is inspiring, I’ll be making my own soon. Thanks for posting yours!

  4. Lydia

    by way of introduction, I really enjoy your photography. not that all of it is the same, but in general, the mood of your work is calming — it makes me stop, look, breathe. I like that.and if you’re picky about flavor and consistency, as I am, a good frosting recipe can be hard to find.

  5. thundered cat

    astrobuddha: yeah. i think when we are able/pressured to make dreams happen, we sometimes have dreams that are ‘convenient’.lydia: thank you… that meant a lot. truly. and i will be frosting more cupcakes in the future :)

  6. denimish

    to catch deathcab live!!!! when you get to, do bring me along :) i want to watch one of wong kar wai’s movie: my blueberry nights..i’ve been dlding it since early jan and its barely a quarter way :(your cupcakes looks like corals

  7. thundered cat

    lillian: you should start with Chunking Express first :)i have the dvd.

  8. el'z

    woa…nice blogskin ! ah well, i just love everything about yr blog :)

  9. thundered cat

    thanks, chihui! <3 <3 <3

  10. Jessica

    love your list…very inspiring and makes me want to develop some life goals of my own. thank you for the daily inspiration.

  11. thundered cat

    thank you, jessica :)

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