yes, you are

I know I can be fickle. This is the second – and hopefully the final editing done to the blog template.

I need to sleep. If only I knew creating two columns for my flickr badge would take me more than an hour.

Html/xml/css/ihavenoidea is for geeks.

Next: cupcakes!



  1. pat

    cakes in cups!oh i’ll be a smidgen late for icing fun cos there’s a prayer meet tomorrow. let me know if you plan to sleep early, hee.

  2. thundered cat

    oh no… i still have your nozzle. you better show up or i’ll keep it with me forever.

  3. rach is a nozzle-snitcher

    i want my nozzle! actually, what i want more is to pop by your place so i can actually use the dang thing.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey rach,put this in your template, inbetween the title tagso that your blog would have a title on the browser … now all I’m seeing a little … dot :D

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