So I changed my blog header. And I had my first paid photo shoot last weekend for a hospital’s cancer ward. Not the most creative or uplifting, but some extra cash will come in handy. I’m looking forward to this weekend, however.

Pirates. Children. Eye patches. Gold chocolate coins. More chocolates. Yes.

Múm in March. Singapore. Yes, yes.

2008, you are looking up.



  1. agung

    yay, someone finally decided to make some $$ out of her photography. haha.iris and i were just having a chat last night. your works are worthy of exhibitions, i tell you!

  2. thundered cat

    i know… sell out right?thanks for believing in me! if i can exhibit in melbourne i’ll do it… heh.

  3. younger than you

    Clappy hands trees!

  4. thundered cat

    all the trees will clap their hands and say yeah.

  5. thundered cat

    you know it.

  6. huong

    congrats on your first paid photo shoot! also, Mum? in concert? yes, please. I’m sure that’ll be a fantastic experience.p.s. i like your new header :)

  7. Anthony

    love the new header. one step closer to those photojournalism role.

  8. thundered cat

    huong/anthony/jess: thanks :)i know… i’m so psyched about watching múm!

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