I have much to be thankful for this year. New friends, old friends, lost much, found some, gained a little, restored, reconciled, searching, rested.

Wishing you eggnogs, warmth, cuddles, Pictionary, long talks, long walks, some clarity, some mystery, truth, realness and love. Love.

I love you.

*That’s me on the Brooklyn bridge. Taken by her.



  1. Joann

    i stumbled across your blog b/c of your cambodia photos, and ever since, i come to look at your photos and doodles. i like them very much. merry christmas to you and yours. and to a new year filled with even more things to be thankful for.

  2. agung

    i thought you cut your hair.merry christmas to you too. thanks for everything. you’re awesome.

  3. merry christmas and sooo many wishes for a bright new year! love this card you’ve made! have fun!

  4. thundered cat

    joann: hello and thank you for being here. thank you for liking them :)have a great christmas too!dave: i did. and it grew. it’s been great knowing and meeting you. we should meet again.nà: thanks thanks thanks! have a good one too :)

  5. agung

    yes, we should.you come. :P

  6. el'z

    that’s a lovely pic/illustration u drew. so simple & happy ! :)Happy new year !

  7. thundered cat

    thanks, chihui. happy new year.<3

  8. jess

    wow rachel. great post. you have a beautiful heart my dear.

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