new york city

Let’s just have the photographs.

New York is empty sometimes.
Ground Zero.
I’m now back home in Malaysia. The humidity kills.

P.S: America, I like you. I like your light. You’re a natural.



  1. Itscheryl

    i want to go to new york badly !gorgeous photographs =)

  2. A.PETH

    the empty photos say a lot…

  3. thundered cat

    cheryl and aubrey: thanks :)

  4. Cheryl

    welcome home rachel =)ps: hmm.. dont think ive ever left a comment here before

  5. thundered cat

    thanks, cheryl!

  6. welcome back! glad you had such a good time!!! it’s been a pleasure to have been allowed to ‘follow along on your travels’ via the photos and stories, thanks! when are you going to get your photos published in a book???

  7. thundered cat

    nà: thank you for being apart of this… by simply listening/looking/reading :)hmm… i don’t anyone likes my photos so much they’d want it in a book!

  8. Ellie

    Hey rachel :) Ellie here. Love love your photos. Have linked you to my blog if that’s ok :)

  9. thundered cat

    hey ellie!thank you :)sure. and now i have one more blog to read. heheh.

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