irene and seattle

Meet Irene Huang.

I met her at the library. The library was space-agey and so very hi-tech. Unlike most libraries I’ve been to, this one had bright yellow escalators and huge glass windows. It stood out from downtown Seattle like it was a few centuries early.

Back to Irene.

She had the sweetest smile. I didn’t know her but she was so warm and friendly, I felt like I did. We talked and she showed me the purple muffler she knitted and the purple sweater she was knitting. Purple is her favorite color. Then she took out a book of English poems. She loved English poetry so much she had been coming to the library everyday to type out every poem and save them into diskettes. Yes, floppy disks.

We talked more and she shared about an accident she had that left her lower body paralyzed and how she was unconscious for 45 minutes. And how God healed her. She also shared about how her neighbor’s wife who had an accident. She passed away. Irene didn’t mention about whether God was there when her neighbor’s wife died, but I like it when some things are left unsaid. Some stories are sad and some are less sad. Both are important. Both have something to offer and how we respond to that changes everything.

And because she loved to share stories from her life, I followed her around town. She took my hand and we walked all around. She’s too fit to be 65 years old. We moved in and out of buildings and she would tell me how to take a picture.

“No, no. That’s not good. Here. Take it from here. You can see better this way.”

“No, no. Turn your camera the other way. Let me see.”

Her love for Seattle was so infectious. She gave me too many reasons of why she loved Seattle. She would end her sentences with “… that’s why I love Seattle.”

She also took me and my sister to her son’s favorite dumpling restaurant in the International District. Then we walked a lot more and took many buses. And that’s why I love Seattle. It was that good. Food here is good. Sushi here is fresh. Cheese aplenty. French is cheap. Coffee shops are everywhere. A city surrounded by the sea and mountains.

And there’s Piroshky. What’s not to love?

“No more picture!”

This post is actually a few days late as I was having some internet problems. I’m currently in Pennsylvania and it’s snowing a ton and I’m having too much eggnog. Here are some photos from Seattle.

My last sunset in Seattle.



  1. agung

    love the last shot.the road looks so smooth and clean. just wanna lie on it.

  2. Jun K

    i like how the missus transcribes poems that way. calm and patient mind.

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