Seattle is cold and the sun plays hide and seek here. Mostly hide.

The plane ride here was nothing short of amazing. We scaled the clouds and drifted over snowcapped mountains. We also dove into the clouds and got lost a little. And we landed in nothingness. Fog. Completely out of the Twilight Zone.

We saw our breath escape our mouths and our fingers curl in. We walked in the rain as little paper cups of coffee warmed our hands. Seattle, I hate your cold winds.

Being here made me realize how I’ve taken Malaysian weather—or the sun for granted. Or how I look for stars in the night sky and forget that our sun is also a star.

But I like being here. This is probably the most laid back part of the trip for me. The first night here was good. We were at the Green Tortoise and it was a free dinner day. Pasta with meatballs. Buffet style. Eat all you want/can. They have a mini library, free internet, a dvd and vhs (yes!) collection, communal fridge and free tea/coffee/chocolate. Friendly people.

There was a girl in my dorm stripped in front of me. Not a pleasant sight in the morning when the last thing you want to see is someone else’s butt. But I guess it’s a bargain… all the good things for a butt.

I’ve since moved out of the hostel. Not because of the butt, but because a very lovely couple opened up their home. They have the largest flat screen TV I’ve seen and a very posh apartment. I didn’t like the monster sound the sink disposal makes, but other than that, it’s all lovely. The dishwasher sounds like a little waterfall if you can imagine. (We don’t use dishwashers in Malaysia. We’re still old school.)

Right across our building, there’s a bigger more posh apartment with bigger windows and a lonely girl. Every night she has the TV on till late and would play solitaire alone. Appropriate and sad. I could make a sign that says, “Hello” or “You’re not alone,” but that would scare her I think. Tonight she had her curtains down. Methinks she saw a strange Asian girl staring at her, invading her privacy.

Here are some photos as usual. More to come.



  1. Denzel Leung

    Wonderful photo… beautiful blog.

  2. nwcx

    greetings from back here in malaysia~!*envy rushes over me*lovely photos. wish i was there. Lord, Please *wink* me to the states now~! Amen.*start putting come coins in piggy-bank – saving for the trip*

  3. Anna

    Love the photos and the stories as usual… enjoy Seattle. :)

  4. A.PETH

    i hope see longbrake while you’re there…(don’t know how long you will be there). try to go to one of his classes @ mars hill…the class almost made me want to move to seattle (but I heart portland)

  5. thundered cat

    leung: thanks.nicky: hello there!anna: thank you :)aubrey: yeah, he’s being a nice host. i’ve been here since sunday. i was supposed to go for the hermeneutics class but there was a change of schedule :(. sadness.

  6. swoon… what photos! glad that your trip is going so well. looking forward to more!

  7. Jessica

    I love these photos- really sparse and bring a new eerie light to Seattle!

  8. thundered cat

    nà: thanks!jessica: eerie. hmm. never thought of it that way, but i like it. thanks. i like the shiny squirrel :)

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