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[Above] That’s my sister. And it’s not a wig. And yes, those noodles tasted good. Red rice noodles and Chicken 65 (a kind of Indian spice I got from India).

So I’ve been neglecting this space for a long time. I’ve been busy. As always.

I’m getting better, I’m recovering from the rash but now I have to think about what to wear besides my usual sleeveless tank and shorts attire. Most people are afraid of rash, so I heard. I think I lost count of the times I explained my condition and how it’s noncontiguous to the people around me that I sound like a dermatologist now.

You should ask me about hives. I will tell you everything you didn’t know.

In about two weeks’ time I’ll be leaving for the States. Here’s when and where I’d be:

08 Los Angeles
14 Las Vegas
15 Grand Canyon
16 Arizona
19 Yosemite
21 San Francisco
25 Seattle

01 Ebensburg
08 New York
11 Home

I’ve been conversing with Gideon from Vox Veniae about church, communal living and downward mobility and it’s all good. So good. I am encouraged to know that another way really exist beyond a faint rumor or a passing thought. My route doesn’t take me anywhere near Austin, TX and I don’t know how that will work out logistically, but it will be more than great to spend some time and connect with the people there. How that will be, I don’t know but I have a 10 year visa, no? Who knows what will happen next year. Or tomorrow.

(I hear that I might be going to Nepal next year.)

Two nights ago my sister and I received aluminum balloons from some friends who wanted to celebrate our birthdays early. Personally, I prefer the ones filled with helium in the shape of a goldfish. I like them floating. We also caught some overly dramatic spoken word poetry and some subtle gems at Wayang Kata.

That was Ciplak with Fahmi Fadzil. They should’ve really done an encore because beer bottles are handy for more beer bottle slides. I told Aziz from Ciplak that it was good and I liked it. He asked if I popped some E.



  1. agung

    i envy your passport.

  2. Alaina

    I’m anxious to see your perspective (via your camera) of the U.S.!Safe travels.

  3. thundered cat

    dave: hopefully my passport will visit you one day.alaina: thank you! me too.

  4. BenLuffy


  5. johne nomad

    Many thoughts, but foremost among them… “Nepal?!?!? YES!!! You will (would) not regret it.” I lived there for quite some time & am still in love with that country. We keep crossing one another’s trajectories, but never simultaneously…

  6. johne nomad

    And I am VERY happy to hear you’re recovering…

  7. thundered cat

    i’m going to chiang mai in march/may next year :)

  8. johne nomad

    Excellent! Shoot me an email when your plans firm up…

  9. a passing cloud

    Hey those balloons were fancy! The fanciest you could find at Ampang Park mall at a moment’s notice, anyway! :P

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