scratch this

1. I’m unwell. I have a rash and it’s highly unlikely that it’s due to an allergen. I’m taking some medication and they making me drowsy. And I can’t even typing proper.

2. I took most of the week off and it was necessary.

3. I went back to work for a day and it was silly.

4. I’m reading Brian McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus when I’m conscious and not drowsy.

5. I cooked. My domesticated friend laughed when I told her I’m cooking soba noodles. She thinks the only thing I can make is instant cup noodles. Anyway, I cooked soba noodles with olive oil, black olives, romaine lettuce, black mushrooms and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Next I will try squid ink noodles, black olives, crushed black pepper, beef and black mushrooms. Black is my favorite color.

6. I tried to be healthy. Made a drink from watermelon chunks, ice, blackcurrant juice, lemon juice and chopped cilantro.

7. I’m applying steroid cream.

8. I wanted to take photos of the rash, but that would be gross.

9. I had a haircut and I prefer odd numbers.



  1. Itscheryl

    i want to see u in your new hair cut !

  2. get well soon, oh, and don’t scratch the rash! you’ll only make it worse! :)

  3. pat

    5. sounds yummy. mmhm. yum.

  4. Zach Bulick

    Let me know what you think of McLaren when you are done. I read that book earlier this summer. Feel better.

  5. zora

    10. Someone is reading in Mexico and leaves this comment. ;-)

  6. thundered cat

    cheryl: i saw your sister at station1 today :)i still look like me, if you’re wondering.nà: thank you. am trying to tell myself that too.pat: (cookout)zach: thank you. and i will get back to you on that.zora: hola :)

  7. BenLuffy

    so how tasty is no.5?

  8. thundered cat

    it tasted like goodness.

  9. Itscheryl

    lol yeah my sis told me about u and reb =D

  10. agung

    i prefer odd numbers too, but only because of the word ‘odd’ i think.

  11. pat

    (cookout)yes please.

  12. Arisu

    hello i wanted to ask how did you do the slideshow of flickr and put in here cuz i wanted to do the same but i don’t know how to lol

  13. thundered cat

    arisu: try this.

  14. Arisu

    btw another question… when you used this template did you had any problems while using it about the code? i tried this and another but none of them seem to work

  15. thundered cat

    no, i didn’t have any problems.

  16. are you feeling better yet?

  17. thundered cat

    nà: i’m feeling a lot better now. thanks :)coming up with a photo series soon. btw, i love your pink october!

  18. Luis O.

    Just love your work: simple, effective :)

  19. astrobuddha

    I came across you blog via flickr and I just wanted to let you know that you have a big fan of illustrations, photos, and now your blog. I’m glad your feeling better.

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