Hi. Thank you for reading and keeping up with me. Thank you all for the generous words and emails. It’s been surprising and humbling to know how people from across the world could connect through the interweb. And to the lurkers, thank you as well.

I’m leaving for India in a few hours time. Hello airplane breakfast in neat little boxes. I was given a mini crash course on Tamil last night and I hope to embarrass myself with silly hand gestures and lousy intonations.

I will see you in a week, hopefully with stories to share and a new understanding.



  1. agung

    see you soon.don’t forget your toothbrush.and if you could, save a jar of dirt for me.:)

  2. eww

    welcome!*sings* she’s got the whole world in her hands, she’s got the whole wide world in her hands

  3. Jibril

    I promise not to lurk anymore. ;)Enjoy your trip.

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