malaysian, kind of.

This is the month of flags, fireworks and parades. The intern in the office risked his life to hang the Malaysian flag over our balcony while I stood inside looking out at him from the window hoping he’d make it, partly worried for him and partly worried for my lack of patriotism.

In school, we learned about how the British colonized the land. Some changes were good but unfortunately for us, they also brought in their worst invention—the roundabout.

Soon Malaysia will be 50 years-old and it’s about time for a life-altering midlife crisis, I think. I’m a bit cynical about the country so I will stop talking about what stinks. I have friends who left the country, friends who want to come back, friends who want to leave and friends who love it here. As for me, I’m drifting between wanting to leave and loving it here.

I can’t say much for our government, but here is a list of things I’m thankful for/love about Malaysia:
. Penang
. stray animals
. Ramly Burgers
. secluded islands
. Malay subtitles for Chinese dramas on TV
. rain
. 24-hour food stalls
. night markets
. mamaks
. tropical rainforests
. caves and rivers
. diversity
. languages
. Manglish (because we can)
. Ramly Burgers
. Furniture
. random power cuts (good excuse to play pictionary and charades in the office)
. my friends and family

(You don’t want to know how long it took me to compile that list. Seriously.)

Yes, I also put up some cheesy bird photos for your enjoyment. Moving on.

A few days ago I received a Coney Franks box filled with old newspapers and a Polaroid camera from my professional handsurfing friend (I owe you). Possibly one of the best gifts ever and it’s not even my birthday. I’m very, very stoked.




  1. agung

    malaysia: i love the mess.polaroid: hehe

  2. thundered cat

    dave, you should come back to this mess more.

  3. white borders = happiness


  4. thundered cat


  5. pat

    twice for ramly burgers! yummy.besides penang i would add malacca to that list too although nothing excruciatingly fun ever happens when i’m there.malaysians are funny one way or another. we’re a walking nation of contradictions. which makes for some level of fun. whee!

  6. eww

    like a love-hate relationship!it’s futile… no one can stop the paradoxes!

  7. johne nomad

    My housemate misses mamaks. I’ll have to visit one (& Ramily Burgers as well) when I’m in Penang next month.

  8. johne nomad

    PS: Please expand on your love for Penang…

  9. thundered cat

    pat: i find melacca too hot for some reason. not enough trees and badly restored buildings. but we’d make melacca fun!yew: must. re. sist.john: hanging out in fancy hotel lobbies i can never afford, walking the beach and reaching another part of the island, kayaking with a patient friend, night markets with cheap goods, old buildings, the bridge, the ferry ride, food, food and more food.

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