rain, for better or for worse

It’s been raining consistently this week and everything about rain gets me in the sweetest mood. The sound, scent, wind, splatter, breeze, cold and random drizzles. If the scent of rain could be captured, I’d wear it as a perfume.

A random stranger sheltered me with his umbrella across the street once. And watching a movie in an open field under the rain is an experience worth repeating. A rain-soaked dog might not smell like waffles in the morning but it sure as heck is comforting to massage its ears as your lap pillows its head. There’s something about the rain that brings people together, just like beaches and lakes.

So here I am—indoors—blogging about the awesomeness of rain because my sister canceled out on me and our little date to the outdoor cinema because she just got her wisdom tooth removed, feels drowsy with the painkillers and it’s raining. Painkillers, I hate you (sometimes). Anyway, I was looking through my little book collection and found a mini book of questions. Some questions were silly silly and others were interestingly silly. Here are some:

Which would be better: taking a cross-country train ride or a one-week trip to Disneyland?
A cross-country train ride, of course.

Which would be worse: being an impatient person or an inconsiderate person?
The latter. You can be impatient and keep quiet about it or be inconsiderate and lash it out on others… which reminds me, I was at Borders this morning and was contemplating purchasing Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman when a really loud and obnoxious man in the Mind, Body and Soul section broadcasted his phone conversation about funerals, being open-minded, wills, cremation or burial, taboos and casket packages. He was inconsiderate and I was impatient with my indecisiveness so I walked off.

Which would be better: living a simple life or having no worries?
Trick question.

Which would be worse: having no sense of humor or no common sense?
Having no sense of humor. If no one laughs with you, at least you could laugh at yourself. Besides, common sense might not be as common as you think.

Which would be better: working with wood or working with clay?
Jesus or Ghost. Jesus. Ghost. Jesus. Ghost. Yes, clay. I like Jesus the carpenter but I hate splinters.

Which would be worse: watching an execution or a fatal car accident?
Sick, sick question.

And, I’ve learned a few things this week.

Fiction: Guinness goes well with everything.
Fact: Guinness does not go well with mangosteens. Not at all.

Fiction: God makes/allows certain things in life for a reason.
Fact: Wisdom teeth and appendix.

That is all.



  1. eww

    If I could, I’d make your days all sunny. But then you’d never know the cleansing of the rain ~source unknownFunny, how when we were young we use to sing ‘rain rain go away’ eh?

  2. thundered cat

    i remember playing in the rain quite a lot as a kid. my hair got sticky and all tangled up. fun times.

  3. younger than you

    we were digging up earthworms in our garden once. the slight drizzle helped ease the soil. then we collected the squirmy things into a coffee jar and drowned them in water.we could have done worse.

  4. thundered cat

    oh yes, i remember our heathen days. so much fun.

  5. pat

    i hate splinters. period.

  6. BenLuffy

    ever built mud castles before? :p

  7. thundered cat

    ben: yes, at the beach :)

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