She is broken. Sometimes selfish. Usually misunderstood. Maybe bipolar. Maybe antisocial. Loving. Busy. Tired and in need of some rest. Prone to lie. Believes in confession. Understands adultery. Famous and infamous. Messy. Alive. Loose. Frightened and fragile. Usually trembling. Addicted. Romantic. Her knees, bent. Her arms, folded. Starving. Laughing. Occasionally overfed. Dirty. Self-righteous. Desperate and longing. Tender. Reaching. Bedraggled. Rich but poor. Thirsty. Good. In pain. Brokenhearted. Knows murder. Backstabbed. Kicks and screams. Misrepresented. Patient. Loved. Foolish. Undeserving. Under-served. Beautiful. Human. To die for.

She is most likely one of us. I don’t know if I like her, but I’m learning to love her.

Surely God has a sense of humor to love people.



  1. the city of Seattle, or rather a member of its community

    bipolar. absolutely perfect. this is one of my favorite things you’ve written. well done.

  2. thundered cat

    thank you, seattle/seattleite.

  3. ewwgene

    yeah sometimes i imagine everybody having a little bubble over their heads that says ‘save me’.

  4. Anonymous

    thank you rachel :)this is absolutely beautiful.i think what’s awesome is that it doesn’t end there.

  5. Anonymous

    -sam k

  6. thundered cat

    yew: with broken and ill fitted halos.sam: thank you. yes, that’s true.

  7. John


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