little news

I’m still talking to my difficult friend. And I still get tired out. She talks about how one mistake can mess up one’s life and how it’s the end of the world and I will tell her that it’s not the end of the world. And she will talk about her mistakes again.

And I want to take a swim.

It’s quieter there and even if I cry it won’t be so noticeable. Underwater, things are quiet and when I need to catch my breath, I can float up to rest and surrender to the mass below me.

I probably sound like a desperate escapist, but if you knew me, you’d (probably) drive me to the nearest lake/river/beach/swimming pool pronto. I will show you how I do a somersault underwater and maybe we’d try to sing too. Or skip that and pass me the Wii.


I was talking to one of my closest friends’ dad the other night. He speaks rather slowly and when he cracks a joke, he will tell it with a straight face, you’d wonder if he was joking at all. And then he will pause and smile. He gave me his two cents (and more) about handsome men. He said that there are two kinds of guys: 1.) those who are physically handsome and 2.) those who are handsome because of who they are and what they do/don’t do. He said I should stick with the latter. He’s wise and I couldn’t agree more.

He then went on to dispense advice on marriage and love like I was going to elope the next morning. (Eloping would have been fun, but it didn’t happen the next morning.)

So it’s true. I’m finally going to India in a month’s time. Thinking about it puts a smile on my face. Indian food. Curries. Bread (mmmm…). Dirt. Mud. Red earth. Cows. Banana leaves. Monkeys (I don’t like them). Bicycles. New faces. Unheard-of traffic rules. One week is too short.

And… here’s my Please Let It Not Be Too Cold In America tour in November (one month of unpaid leave. Yay.). I haven’t bought my plane ticket to the States yet but this morning I bought a ticket to the gods aren’t angry tour (L.A., November 13). I don’t know when I will reach or if there will be plane tickets on the dates I want. I hate planning ahead of time so I’m just going stick to what works: pray and trust.

This weekend: football match at the stadium with the kids. I couldn’t be in a better place than here right now.



  1. joshua longbrake

    Seattle here you come.

  2. thundered cat


  3. patty

    you so need to get me my ‘wish pat was here’ photos. chennai and the states.your closest friend’s dad is funny like that. i wish more fathers would do the same.We should go book ourselves a night of unadulterated Wii.

  4. thundered cat

    haha. i will see what i can do in chennai. one stop at a time. i spoke to jo about her dad, and she said all he told her was “boys are jerks”. she’s now happily married in faraway-land.wii whee.

  5. pat

    cool bananas :)heheh. maybe cos we aren’t his daughters, thus his answers to life aren’t as clipped.

  6. agung

    if i were you, i’d smack that girl at the back of her head and tell her to grow up.but it’s not me. so hang in there, you. love her.i’m still working on my acrobatics and flexibility. hopefully by august, i can start practicing folding myself into your luggage already.

  7. thundered cat

    that won’t be me either. heheh. you would :)i will throw in some peanuts and drinks. you want fries with that?

  8. johne nomad

    May I ask what brought about the eloping w/ handsome men lecture?

  9. Lor3tta

    OMG… I love your pictures!!! Wow.. I’m so happy for your imnpending travels!!! If you go to Rob Bell, go buy his books.. all of them!!! I split with you!! :)I fall asleep trying to listen to him..

  10. thundered cat

    john: my friend’s dad was planning a talk he’s giving on marriage and married life. so we were discussing about who’d win in a battle between zach braff and gandhi. not really.loretta: thanks :)i have all his books… he has only two though. he keeps me up during work.

  11. johne nomad

    TC: :)Loretta: It’s the soft, echoing repetition of key phrases, isn’t it? Anyone that cares: I’m one of those rare people that likes Rob Bell much better for listening than reading. The Nooma DVDs & downloaded sermons (altho it’s been a while since the latter) are great. But I’m halfway thru Velvet Elvis & am thus far tremendously underimpressed. I’ve set it down for a while, but will eventually return to finish. His 2nd bk sounds promising, tho.

  12. APETH

    couldn’t agree more about the handsome men. your friend’s dad knew what he was talking about ;)and good luck with your travels!

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