There are two things I’ve been telling myself: breathe and love. Or rather, those were two things I’ve been reminded of these few days/weeks/months.

The children’s home painting project was a disaster in every logical sense. I’ve heard more complaints than anything else. Some volunteers were complaining about how boring scrapping paint can get while some complained about the music from the radio. Others complained about being there.


My friend tells me I have to filter. He’s right. There’s this giant invisible sieve hanging over me, reminding me to breathe and love.

There are also gems to be held from the filtering. Some pedophobic guys started to volunteer and my 13-year old brother decided to give away his comics to the kids because comics are/were important to him and the kids have only one comic book in their library.

So in the illogical sense, the home painting project was a success. I liked how we were doing it together, mothers, husbands, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Families don’t always have it perfect, and that was what we were: family. Unknown to us at that time, we were following and being the hands and feet of the One who came down… literally covered in (His) dust and debris.

On another note, I received my credit card bill today and it’s one of the nicest things this week.

Total amount spent: $0




  1. ant

    every cloud has a silver lining. just have to find it. and you did =)love the coffee cup illustrations.

  2. thundered cat

    thank you, ant :)

  3. younger than you

    oh no! this new header feels mechanical :( why did you exchange the bird for acid rain? :(

  4. thundered cat

    it’s rain minus the acid. it will be this until i find something better.

  5. pat

    the fonts are different too! someone has itchy fingers ;)by the way, in case i haven’t really said it, thanks for the reminder.(yes. teenagers.)

  6. thundered cat

    i just fixed the header too. too much time on my’re oh so welcome, patty pat pat.

  7. younger than you

    now it looks cleaner. the new dark orange reminds me of the tubes of water colors i don’t use, like “burnt sienna” and “ochre” and “russet” and “sepia” and “burnt umber”. they’re desert colors. but i like how it complements and contrasts the greens and blues on your blog.

  8. thundered cat

    thanks, reb. i like earthly tones. btw, when will you get a real job? because i’m not paying you to leave comments — although i appreciate it.

  9. agung

    love the new so pretty.really.

  10. Kelvin

    oops, hope I wasn’t one of the complaining ones although I ain’t no teenager. =P. ahah, oh, well, there are many positives out of this painting also lar. Like some youths actually stepping up for the task in the first place? very encouraging if u ask me. =) And it was great to be able to do this task with some of our non Christian friends too. =) I guess we’ll always learnlar. I learnt so much that day. Like nv get gloss paint on ur hands. =P. Cheers rach. =)

  11. thundered cat

    dave: thank you!kelvin: that’s good to hear. my flipflops are still covered in dust and paint :)

  12. BenLuffy

    5 moar days to awesome body workout once more :3

  13. that sounds like pretty challenging work but well worth it, and a success too. the tea cup made me smile lots, clever. and the blues of those photos i could get lost in. i haven’t quite figured it out – do you work on youth projects or in art, or both? have a good day, enjoy the filtered breathe-love-tea and the zero credit card bill!

  14. thundered cat

    ben: remember to wear a surgical mask!nà: i work in non-profit as a designer/researcher/writer and when i’m not designing or reading or writing, i’m photographing and hanging out with children at a shelter home. what i do can be blurry sometimes :)

  15. APETH

    I ran across your blog months ago via longbrake…and just wanted to say your words/content/drawing on cups are often refreshing,keep it up :)

  16. thundered cat

    hey aubrey,thank you :). i found your blog via longbrake too, and i like reading your blog (was tempted to leave comments many times, but shyness took over). it’s nice to meet you!

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