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I had a good lunch with a friend yesterday. And this happens pretty regularly, come to think about it. We’d go for long lunches and talk, laugh, sigh, sometimes tear a little and eat and drink. A part of me lives for lunches like these.

We were talking about yesterday, who we were five years ago and what we will be five years in the future. I realized that I’m terribly shortsighted. I don’t quite remember much about the things I did and said five years ago. I’m very much the same person, but I think my outlooks changed. Yet the past seem like a blur… dusty even. The future on the other hand, is out of reach.

So we were there together. She was digging into her spaghetti and I was twirling my noodles. We exist now. Today we have each other. Today we live.

Today is all there is.

Today is now.

She suggested we write down our current state. She didn’t really explain why we should do that, but I think we both desire to remember who we were today and choose to be conscious of today.

So here goes.

Today I am:
◦ uncertain
◦ content
◦ yet a little bored
◦ eager
◦ hopeful
◦ smiling
◦ trusting
◦ holding on
◦ remaining
◦ a little sad
◦ a little happy
◦ tired
◦ ♥
◦ wanting to swim in a natural body of water
◦ overdosed on tea
◦ getting rid of ifs in my vocabulary



  1. agung

    “today” is beautiful.

  2. Susannah

    today is all there is.. so very true:-)

  3. your today sounds nice. your photos are wonderful. wise words!

  4. thundered cat

    thank you, nà :)

  5. ant

    too often thinking of the future, and not enjoying the presents. thanks for the reminder..

  6. el'z

    i rmb having good lunches while in sbg and often forgetting to go back to office…:)

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