running to/from

During my short stint in Singapore a year ago, I lived with an apostate of Islam. She was disowned by her family in Malaysia and could no longer return to her homeland. But she lives freely today. And the whole Lina Joy case got me thinking about freedom again. They could break our bones and change our names, but they cannot steal our hearts. Freedom is more than living free from oppression. Freedom is to choose life when everything around you dies. And to choose to love despite having every reason to hate.

Before I left Singapore, she gave me five smooth stones she collected from Israel. It’s good to remember these things. It makes me want to… um, declare independence.

On another note, for the past few weeks I have heard far too many wedding ideas for one person to hear. A good friend of mine is planning her wedding and we find our conversations veering toward flowers, the color pink, door gifts, cakes/no cake/cupcakes, deco, bubbles, photography, more pink, invites, venue, honeymoon, children and all things pink/horrifying/beautiful/however you see it.

And I can only deal with this much pink.

Apparently, he hasn’t officially proposed yet. But she’s waiting. If you have no idea where to begin, The Postal Service’s ‘Brand New Colony’ is a great proposing song. I think.



  1. joshua longbrake

    The Postal Service makes me smile all over.

  2. pat

    your freedom cry rings within me :)(and no, i wasn’t thinking about the bjork song)btw my browser crashed, thus the truncated gmail chat. i’m using IE now, against my free will.

  3. pat

    wait, it wasn’t a song, was it?

  4. thundered cat

    thelongestbrake.ever: i hope ben gibbard will be playing when i’m around.pat: haha. did you listen to the song? i think it’s fun. btw, i think we should make the kids do the chimp race tomorrow. (i have no idea why i’m talking here when i could just call you.)

  5. Jun

    reb’s pic, seriously modern artHIGHER HIGHERand oh god planning, implementing, and finally experiencing a happy event is what i want to live for. (plan great wedding with great soundtrack please. put in a hardcore song against 80s electronica)

  6. thundered cat

    jun: she hated it because her right arm looks spastic. unfortunately, it’s not my wedding and i can’t pick all the songs i love. but my friend is an explosions fan… so it can’t go too wrong :)

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