Lately, I have the fascination with the word, ‘good.’ I don’t know if there’s another word to really capture the meaning of ‘good.’ But we say she looks good. That tastes good. He’s got a good sense of humor. It was a good film. It smells good. We feel good. It was good catching up with you. A good man is hard to find.

Good is so fluid… yet we somehow know when something or someone is good.

Whether adjective or noun, you can either feel ‘good’ in your hands or call it a mystery. I like the idea of both. Yesterday I met some people who are living the kind of life that I could only call good. The quality of life they live defies the norms of a quality life. What they have or don’t have is not the good, but what they do and how they live with what they have or don’t have. I know many people who live this way and they make me want to spend more time with them. Something about them draws me in and causes my heart to race a little.

Some of them do not have a monthly wage. Most live by faith that God will provide for their next grocery purchase. A friend has only RM30 in savings. A married couple doesn’t know where their money comes from, but it always shows up whenever it is needed. A boy is adopted. A father cries in the bathroom because his son is safe. A husband makes a mistake and his wife forgives and loves him more.

On Saturday I met a 22-year old girl and her third baby. I also met her mom and her sixth child. Her children live in shelters. Not ideal. But I saw that her children are her good. And her children are good. This is good.

I love that good does not mean perfect.

‘Good ending’ makes no sense and is an oxymoron because good doesn’t have an end and it grows. The best movies and books are open-ended. Good is in us and in the world we come in contact with. Me, you, them, fish, horses, worms, pandas, frogs, valleys, mountains, sushi, trees, moss, rocks, water… all very good. I’ve come to know that this is true.



  1. ant

    i like how you think on the little things. that post was really good.

  2. ooh, such nice, wise words, now you have me pondering! i am glad i came across your blog!

  3. pat

    RM30. sounds familiar to me ;) He provides. eventhough it doesn’t come in heaps or in an overflow. haven’t been penniless yet.awesome insight as always. i’m praying about philippines.

  4. thundered cat

    ant: thank you :)nà: thank you. i’m glad we came across each other!pat: i like how He gives us enough. please go to philippines and make use of your tagalog. i want to hear your perfected accent ;)

  5. pitamos

    that was GOOD. :)

  6. Lor3tta

    Rach- Loved your post!! Its so GOOD.Pat- you absolutely must go to Philippines!!

  7. pat

    i do feel like going, of course. my tagalog is nearly non-existent. my accent still lingers, but it is accented english. doesn’t quite count, does it? ;)loretta: i knew you’d say that :D

  8. Lor3tta

    Ehehe!! you must you must you must!! It will all come back to you when you get there dearie! Sige na! Accented english also counts there!!

  9. BenLuffy

    You left out ‘Bears’. Bears are good too

  10. comfies

    i love this post you’ve written so much! i do love the word good.

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