no schism

I was at an orphanage on Sunday. The pastor who runs the home turned down an offer to a new Mercedes Benz for a bus so he could ferry the 100 children to school and back. They have bags upon bags of rice and countless school shoes near the cross at the sanctuary. That (above) is their Tamil bible and some eggs (trays upon trays).

I love it when charity is brought back to its original meaning of love instead of good works. I love it when we no longer help because of pity or conscience sake, but because it’s the only true thing. When we no longer see the need, but the faces, names and lives of the people before the need. When ‘us’ and ‘them’ no longer exist.

There are also some things I enjoy more than others. Here are some of them, in no particular order:
– cold water
– rain
– steamboat dinners
– steam escaping a cup of freshly brewed coffee
– my new flats
– jeans that can take me everywhere
– this isn’t the job I was dreaming of when I was in college, but it’s better
– Krispy Kreme (someone brought some back from Australia today. Mmmm… food that traveled across continents)
– ‘k’s to replace ‘c’s—like Kraftwerk, kontakt, etk.
– winding film in the dark
– waffles (basic or the Belgian kind)
maple syrup in decorative tins
– the pure pleasure of cotton buds in my ears every morning/night
– empty white walls
– photos on walls
– Ikea’s RM1 soft-serve ice-cream
– stray animals
– corrugated boxes
– old books and magazines
– old photos
– new shirts
– being underwater
– running with nutty children
– airplanes
– ferries
– bridges
– tunnels
– empty roads at night/early in the morning
– my friend, Selina’s room

I could go on. But I shan’t. You people deserve better randomness.

After having lunch today, I walked into a second-hand shop just for the heck of it. And I came out with a Yashica FX-3 (RM155, batteries not included) in a pink plastic bag.

I also had my black and white Holga shots developed and printed. Here are some. For better (bigger) viewing, go here.



  1. joshua

    oh my holga. fantastic shots. and i love the list, too.

  2. Gid

    Where are you? I’m going to Chennai this summer

  3. thundered cat

    josh: thank you. lists are fun to do when you have nothing to do :)gid: i’m still in malaysia. if all goes well (if i don’t pull out last minute for whatever reason), i should be in chennai in august… and that’s the end of summer, no?

  4. Jun

    good simple list. the cam looks fabulous :oit’s good to be of service to other human beings.

  5. thundered cat

    thanks. i kept the price tag on just in case. it’s on a one week warranty. they also have old chinons.

  6. pat

    you’re confirmed going! and i want a camera like that too. and at RM155.

  7. BenLuffy


  8. ant

    beautiful holga photos there. and love your choice of photo pairings. and the list. i like it all =)

  9. thundered cat

    pat: if they want me. have yet to talk to ps reynold. brrrr.ben: !!!ant: thank you. thank you. and thank you.

  10. el'z

    whoa.. your combodia pics are just surreal.. i felt as if you took me to another world…

  11. pat

    ps reynold’s awesome :) you should so talk to him

  12. Maditi

    those holga shots are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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