second-hand advice

I’ll be leaving for Cambodia this Friday and I’m so psyched, I can’t concentrate at the office. I’m too easily distracted. Seriously. As much as I can’t wait to be in Cambodia, I’m sure that when I’m there, I’d be itching to come home so I can upload some photos. This itch needs some restraint. Seriously.

My friends told me of some strange temporary monks and plastic pails of alcohol. I read about the landmines and the usage of pot as garnishing. (Pat, I hear that silk shawls there are US$2/each. Catch me before I leave!)

I’ve also been reading a well-worn travel guidebook that was handed down from friend to friend. I don’t even know the person who owned/s it. And apparently, someone who used this book previously circled some interesting places such as “Heart of Darkness” and “Manhattan Club” under the nightlife section. Dodgy. Oh, how I love used things/second-hand books.

(Side note: I once bought and Eastpak bag for my sister from a second-hand shop and the guy there told me that they get their goods from America. Then he whispered, “The Americans think that they’re donating to a third world country.” Ah. Right. I paid RM50 [approx. US$14] for a bag someone thought was going to charity.)

(The shop closed down sometime later.)

I finally put the pack of plasters I got for Valentine’s Day to good use. I have a blister from walking and it’s nothing Superman can’t save. The man of Metropolis stole my heart. He and I will be traveling together.

We’ll see you soon.

p/s: sorry for the lack of updates of late. If I’m not posting here, I’ll be at Being, where try to post daily. And by the way, have a listen to this, if you will.



  1. pat

    ah that sounds like a nice deal. talk to you later at acts?

  2. agung

    i envy you.and i totally know what you mean with the photos. it’s even worse when they’re in film. i lose the way, i actually enjoyed sunshine. the soundtrack is amazing (although i don’t think they have an ost cd out for sale). it’s like explosions + some electronic influence. so sweeeet.

  3. thundered cat

    my colleague told me about the soundtrack as well. it’s by underworld… they’re a little too techno-ey for my taste now–unless they changed. (confession: i used to listen to them in high school.)but danny boyle’s trainspotting soundtrack (and film) could do no wrong.

  4. *thelongbrake

    silly americans.

  5. thundered cat

    hehehthey’re funny too.

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