shiny happy people

So I have a photoblog now. It’s called Being and you can find it here. (I’m still figuring out how it works though. And if you’re observant, you will see that I added new links and changed a tab here.) I will try to be a little bit more consistent.

I’ve been extremely busy lately, but I had fun. We made body glitter with the kids on Saturday. I didn’t expect the boys to like the idea, but they were eager to have a go at a little shine.

Boys with glitter playing football. David Bowie will be proud.

My sister took that photo of me taking this photo. I didn’t know. Apparently, I don’t know a lot of things.

But here are some things I know (rather roughly):
– completeness and rest go hand in hand
– we live in a wreckage
– we can make it beautiful
– thunderstorms make me feel small, but that’s ok
– surrender is not a bad word
– free airline tickets are the best
– deadlines make me nervous



  1. agung

    where is this place?looks cool…boys in glitter playing football sounds funny. how do they do that? under the sun, wouldn’t they be shiny?

  2. thundered cat

    it was taken in a buddhist temple, where the stoic nuns was funny :)

  3. patty

    would have loved the glitter myself. we might skip next week’s visit cos i have a paper on the following monday. argh. maybe we could take them out after that or something :(

  4. BenLuffy

    when’s the home repainting?!*smelling very eager*

  5. thundered cat

    pat: we could do something after i return from cambodia :)ben: heheh. i’m so glad that you guys are helping out. once we get the paint, we’ll give you a call.

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