taxidermy and everything else

It was unusually good to wake up at 5am, make some last minute amendments to my shirt (cut and sew), skip breakfast and drive off into the sunrise. I like having dew on my car, it makes me think of mint and grass. But I think I like escaping the office more.

We reached Muar a little later than expected and everyone was waiting—the kids, teachers and the food. The flood came and left them with discarded computers, watermarked walls, clogged drains, lost records, deaths and an extremely dry season. By the time we passed out the stationeries, books and cookies, I was literally melting. I don’t know if I have any sweat left in my body.

Later, we visited another school in an oil palm estate away. It was built in 1941 and had an old building with a glass cabinet filled with taxidermy and dust. Strange, indeed. Fun? Of course.

As I was wandering around, four little kids stumbled upon me. Everything about them is so tiny, you could so pick them up with one hand and carry them off. I was talking to one of the girls and she’s got one of the biggest set of eyes I’ve seen. Really beautiful and arresting. Our conversation went something like this:

What’s your name?
Puteri (Princess)
And what’s your brother’s name?
Putera (Prince)
… And who’s the Raja (King)?
My Daddy



  1. *thelongbrake

    that conversation at the end makes me really happy.

  2. thundered cat

    that conversation made my day…

  3. agung

    you posted anyway…heh.actually wish i were there too. sounds fun.

  4. pat

    beautiful exchange of words.i see you got your flats :Di’m doing the powerpoint now and trying very very hard not to cry cos the words you’ve written hit the heart (whether you realise it or not), and i have paul baloche singing through my speakers.

  5. thundered cat

    no… i didn’t realize it. i wasn’t listening to mr baloche while writing the slides. heheh.are you planning to put a soundtrack to our presentation this sunday? i have a few suggestions :)

  6. pat

    i’m soft like that. and i have just sent you the file and asked you exactly the same question before i saw your reply. haha.

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