I’m a bit unwell. I need more sleep and some pancakes. Some cheese will be great too.

(thank you, Josh)



  1. *thelongbrake

    Mmmm totally owe me royalties for that drawing.

  2. johne nomad

    Bananas are usually good when unwell. Well, they’re always good, but esp. when unwell. I’ve found them therapeutic on multiple levels. Better yet – banana pancakes. Not to make a Jack Johnson reference or anything… that’d be so cliche. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Josh – that’s funny, bc. I thought of you immediately when I saw this drawing.

  3. thundered cat

    josh: ssshh…john: i love bananas (w/ or w/o pancakes). i’ve been taking loads of dragon fruit. and thanks, i’m better now :)

  4. johne nomad

    Mmmm… dragon fruit… good call.

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