The day started off all hot and humid. By the time I was ready to leave the office, the sky unplugged itself and released its weight of glory. My shoes were soaked and I had to roll up my jeans like a fashionable fisherman.

Fantabulous freak weather.

That’s my sister. She has a love-hate relationship with her keloid. She hates it because it reminds her of the dog chase and that it makes her self-conscious when wearing skirts. She loves it because she thinks her keloid can tell the weather. It hurts like needles when it’s cold or when it’s about to rain. She will tell you that I made it all up, but I know she believes this with all her heart. While photographing her and doing some gymnastics in the car, I broke my mom’s vintage belt. The leather just snapped. I’m still hurting.

Here are some photographs I received today… um, I mean, yesterday. It’s still Friday for some. My friend, Josh, is in Uganda spreading his photography germs and providing humor to the orphans there like a good ambassador. I’m sharing about it here because it makes sense to me. Because sometimes/more often than not, the good news is in a bare-foot soccer match, a shared ice-cream, a new shirt, a smile and even in an arm stretched across the shoulder of a new-found friend. Or in this case, a Polaroid.

I also like how the colors from these photographs contrast the ones of my day. In one part of the world it is raining and in another remote area, sunshine is eternal. It reminds me that other countries really do exist beyond travel television, guidebooks and maps, and how real people dwell there. Real people with stories put a face to a country.


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