It’s almost 5am and I should be sleeping, I know. And I’m sorry that it’s already Friday (for some) when I post this up.

Thursday was fun. I had a simple lunch: honey and peanut butter charcoal toasts, two soft-boiled eggs and a glass of refillable iced lemon tea. Anything with peanut butter is fun. And anything refillable is perfect.

To not bore you any longer, here are some photos of what happened on Thursday (still sorry that it’s already Friday).

I was at Laundry after work/dinner because my friend insisted that I must not miss a Tempered Mental gig. Not my kind of music, but Melina William knows how to work those magic fingers. She’s fast. Very fast. Did I say impressive?

Before the gig, I spent some much needed time at Borders and I picked out Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution. As I was reading bits here and there, I was reminded of one of my favorite books, The White Rose (die Weiße Rose). I found it in the Goethe Institute in KL, but I don’t know if the book can be found in your regular bookstore (edit: I just found it here). It’s one of those books that causes the idealist in me to rise up and not feel alone. The kind that makes you want to rise up with fists or hold a vigil. (I’ve done the latter, but never given the former a chance—yet). It’s about people believing in a cause greater than themselves and working “against the scourges of mankind, against fascism and any similar system of totalitarianism”. Against dehumanization.

I could run for Miss World. Almost.

So anyway, this weekend we’re taking the kids from the home out to the park. Instead of simply roughing it out, climbing the monkey bars, seesawing, swinging or going crazy (those are oh so important!), we’re giving them (and ourselves) a chance with the rubbish bags. We’d be picking other people’s crap. Malaysian parks are very colorful, we have candy wrappers everywhere.

Yes, we’re (always) looking for more people to help us out. If you’re free on Saturday evening, let me know. Yes, you.

And my hair still stinks of cigarettes.



  1. Gid

    You all have Borders in Malaysia? Shane Claiborne is going to be with our community next month!

  2. thundered cat

    yes, we do. we have 3 of them here. madness.

  3. estacado

    i was at the tempered mental gig too.

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