Today is a good day to learn and enjoy.

I was doing some reading this morning about the Pentecost and grasped a little of what it meant to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. And the interesting part is that it has little (or nothing) to do with tongues but more of feeding the poor and helping the needy. I’m enjoying how reading the new takes me back to the old and vice versa.

And I also read about how to live is to walk. It helps keep me in perspective on where I’m going, where I’ve been and where I’m at now, and ultimately who I’m walking after. I’m enjoying how tomorrow and the entire year is not panned out. Ooh… the mystery of tomorrow.

Today I learnt to rest. When I rest, I’m not defined by what I do or the multiple roles I play. I’m enjoying how I don’t have to be anything or anyone else. And it’s ok.



  1. Pilgrim

    wah.. i like the wednesday cloudy sky… like very watery porridge.. feel like turning the world around and diving into the clouds..

  2. thundered cat

    hmm. it depends on what kind of porridge it is. i like the soupy kind.

  3. agung

    i’m going crazy. can i link your blog from mine?

  4. thundered cat

    that’s a crazy thing to do. yes, you may :)

  5. lilly!

    is that your feet in the pictures? because the last two toes looks much shorter, haha. your posts makes me feel like flying :)

  6. thundered cat

    those are reb’s feet. thanks. i wish it could really make you fly though :)

  7. v.Hah

    i like thick porridge! :)and yes, the feet looks like it hanging in mid-air….

  8. pat

    yay! new post everyday from rach! it’s like christmas has arrived early :D

  9. thundered cat

    vincent: thick porridge = starchy = ewwwpat: christmas should be celebrated everyday!

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