The weather is extremely hot today. It didn’t rain and the sky was rather hazy in the morning. So most people don’t enjoy conversations about the weather (I hear they think it’s shallow), but I like watching the weather forecast on tv. I think it’s as therapeutic as watching a cooking program. Or as mind-numbing and pacifying as getting a haircut.

In the afternoon, nine people were reported dead from the earthquake that hit Sumatra, Indonesia. A while ago, the death toll rose to 70. All I felt from the quake was a slight tremor that made me giddy. It only lasted a few seconds, but enough to make some of us walk/run out of the office. Then I realized what an idiot I am when I escaped with my iPod in hand. Of all things.

I’m so messed up.

And I’m so sorry it took six tents in a soccer field to help me figure it out.

The best/truest thing I’ve read/heard today: “I have been where you are”.

And He’s still here.


One comment

  1. Charis

    Cool. Looking forward to Wednesday skies and beyond.

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