Everyday my journey home from work finds me under a new kind of sky. The sun, cloud, weather and color differ from time to time. Sometimes I even get to see the moon, but this usually happens in the early mornings when the moon prefers to linger a little longer than usual. It’s always nice to see the sun and moon together on the same horizon. It also makes me wonder what people on the other side of the world are seeing.

So this is Monday. I’m hoping that I will be consistent enough to do an entire week. At least till this Friday.

There was a rainbow against dark rain clouds in the east. Moments later, I turned around the bend and it disappeared. It’s fun trying to catch a rainbow from a moving vehicle. You people should try it sometime. Just leave the driving to someone else.

Yes, home is a warm feeling. It follows you wherever you go like body odor, only nicer. To add more niceness, this (.pdf) is one of the best chapter of a book that I’ve read. Usually I cry at the end of a book, but I cried at this first chapter. It has to be something. I’m not fond of stalkers, but I found this project to be sweet and even romantic. People can be so lonely, sometimes.



  1. pat

    can’t wait for tuesday.

  2. leyon

    Sometimes we get the moon appearing up to twice as large in the cloudless skies here. It’s really something when coupled with the sugary stars. Too bad most cameras can’t capture them I think.

  3. alaina

    thanks for the book link . . . I needed to read that today.

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