i will not be mushy

My colleague was lamenting how life is unfair. I think it’s true. Life is unfair because grace is unfair. Every day I wake up in the morning, that’s unfair. I have food on the table, that’s unfair. I get to hang out with children who adore me, that’s unfair. That’s grace.

More to chew on.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day, people. I don’t know what I will be doing, but I’m happy not knowing what I will be doing. And I will not be mushy.



  1. Shaun

    Hi.I just want to let you know that i abolutely love all your photos and drawings. If i had half the talent you have i’d be one extremely satisfied snapper :)Cheers and i look forward to more of your fabulous work.

  2. thundered cat

    hi shaun. thank you… you’re really too kind.

  3. BenLuffy

    That’s … a carebear?!

  4. alaina

    mushy cereal is the worst.

  5. thundered cat

    ben: yes, that’s a carebear. a real one.alaina: you must really dislike mushy cereal :)

  6. cell

    hahhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute one. hmm ur carebear only has 3 legs. hearts going down the drain.. very uh… interesting and unique although i doubt it’ll ever make it to the front of a valentine’s day card.. at least u actually had a vday post! i didnt. didnt have anything interesting to show/tell about valentine’s day unfortunately. perhaps i should just direct people to your blog.

  7. thundered cat

    i’m glad you found it funny. not exactly a v-day post, but you can interpret it that way i guess :)

  8. younger than you

    care bear stare! get in touch with your feelings!i’ve always liked grumpy bear.

  9. thundered cat

    crap. you got me.

  10. *thelongbrake

    what’s wrong w/ being mushy? someone should have told me.

  11. thundered cat

    oh, nothing wrong with being mushy. i’m just insecure.

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