post-its and indulgence

Post-its (drawing without looking)
1. I was drawing the sidewalk on Sunday evening for a friend’s anti-Valentine’s Day event (I’m not against it, believe me. But it was a request, what can I say?). It was an open-mike gig with a host of funny people. I like the last guy the best. His songs were intimate in a very shy way. That’s a very loose drawing of a Camera Obscura CD cover.
2. I have an in-grown toenail. It hurts. And I don’t have an extra toe despite what you see here. I can’t count and draw at the same time. I’m bad at math.
3. Happiness. I have nicer teeth in real life.

1. A bag of ice-lolly bags. I thought the gorilla looked funny. I don’t know why I keep seeing gorillas these days. Here are some ice-lollies, apple-blackcurrant flavored.
2. Tiny crumbs from homemade banana muffins. Mhhmmm.
3. A really good book. Really. I bought the book from a bookstore which I’m a member of, but apparently they got my details wrong. According to the receipt, I’m a housewife and I live someplace else.

More indulgence

The best cream puffs ever. The shop is looking for a promoter. Very tempting.
For close-up, click here.

And my picture is also featured in Vox Veniae’s blog.



  1. alaina rose

    hello and a hand-shake from virginia!(…i found your site through longbrake’s blog…)-just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy and appreciate your blog! -and i’m sorry about the plagued toe.-and my favorite quote from Velvit Elvis:”This is something people have struggled with since the beginning: how to talk about God when God is bigger than our words, our brains, our worldviews, and our imagination.”-yet, i think that art, when it is done well, gives a small glimpsethank ya.

  2. *thelongbrake

    a.) i love post-its of all colors and sizes.b.) i’m making you famous.

  3. thundered cat

    alaina: hello from malaysia! thank you for enjoying this space :)the toe is getting better. it gives me an excuse to wear flipflops everywhere. any time.yes, that’s a good quote. i also think that God smiles and laughs at our attempts. i’m sure he has a good sense of humor.joshua: you must be popular.

  4. Charis; Greek for Grace

    Oh so beard papa sells cream puffs! I didn’t know – I just thought it was a weird name. I shall try it the next time :)

  5. *thelongbrake

    post.script.1.) i have an ingrown toenail of death and destruction that is bent on making me miserable. i hate it w/ all of my body.2.) i’m not making you famous; scratch that. i’m the one putting a link to your site because, um, you are neat and therefore i look neat when i link someone who is neat.scratch’re making me famous.scratch that again.i want some cream puffs.

  6. thundered cat

    beard papa should really hire me. i’d make them proud.

  7. younger than you

    the correct answers are, in order:1. hand, foot and mouth disease depicted in squares. it’s not about indie music, in-growns or the need for braces.2. white objects are so zen.3. that’s a cumulus cloud on a plate.

  8. thundered cat

    you’re disgusting. i love you.

  9. Pilgrim

    post its! i luv post its. tend to write too long then use a second one to finish the msg though.. which defeats the purpose, i know.

  10. thundered cat

    i get what you mean. i have post-its in my notebook, on my wall(s) and on my door. and virtual post-its on my computer desktop.

  11. v.Hah

    hehehe…. my place dun have post its… so we make our own post-its by chopping up recycle paper with our trusty blade, and using cello tape to paste it to our pc’s, tables, chairs, etc… :Pin-grown toenail? cut it off la! u will feel the satisfaction of digging it out, and if its infected the flowing of pus out…. wahhhh…..

  12. ketiak

    Rob Bell has been a personal indulgence of mine and Chris’ for the past few years. Looks like we forgot to let u in on our li’l secret, eh? ;)

  13. thundered cat

    vincent: it’s healed now. looks pretty too.kenneth: i’m sure you guys have a lot more secrets that i don’t know about.

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