in my bag

They say that the contents of your bag say a lot about you*. So I’ve decided to empty it all out here to be probed. I thought pictures would be too messy so I illustrated the goods (from memory) instead.

Here’s the list:
1. A very tacky touristy pen, but it’s my favorite writing companion. It’s a floaty pen with a tram cruising up and down the streets of Melbourne.
2. iPod. Last song played: ‘Love and Some Verses’ by Iron & Wine.
3. Used tissue. Not entirely hygienic I know, but it’s not that dirty either.
4. Lip balm. Raspberry flavored. After applying, #3 will come in handy.
5. RM5 Ikea notebook. I spray-painted blue thunderbolts on the cover. For thoughts, ideas, doodles, lists and addresses.
6. Trusty Explosions in the Sky mix CD. It comes in handy when my cubicle is too quiet or when everyone in the office is stressed.
7. Mints or gum. Mostly chewable mints. Refillable metal container.
8. Pay slips. Not a lot, but alright I guess.
9. Ace of spades. Never know when you need it, especially in a poker game… or as a bookmark.
10. Broken pieces of Pocky/Rocky sticks (depending on where you’re from). Chocolate or strawberry flavored. The best snack ever invented.

I don’t know how much that says about me, but one thing is for sure: I’m a liar. #9 and #10 don’t belong there. I don’t can’t play poker and I don’t keep crumbs in my bag. But I’m crazy about Pocky/Rocky sticks.

Ok, I will throw #3 away now.

*No idea who said it, to be honest.



  1. Itscheryl

    nice illustrationsi love rocky ! the chocolate ones ;D

  2. thundered cat

    thank you. i have an unopened box staring at me.

  3. lilly!

    i used to buy loads of choco rocky and, choki choki when i was young! :D yup, nice illustrations! should teach me how you do those stuffs :)

  4. thundered cat

    do you remember those little chewing gum balls that come in tiny boxes? i saw them sometime ago and they have new flavors like pineapple and lychee. funky.thank you. you’re kind :)

  5. xahra

    hello! found your blog via patlow’s xanga. this post inspires. i’d like to do it on my blog too, if it’s cool with you :) awesome website!

  6. xahra

    how strange. thought i left my blog link. apparently not. anyway!

  7. thundered cat

    hi xahra. thanks. i’m good with it :)will look forward to see what’s in your bag.

  8. jimbo

    mmmm pocky~i buy big pack of 8x snack size packs (10sticks) from chinatown and keep it in my drawer at the office.nyummmm

  9. lilly!

    eh i thought i posted a comment. hmm, anyways, i ate ceramel pockys this morning! hehah. have a good week, rach!

  10. thundered cat

    i’ve never seen a caramel flavored pocky…

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