about rain

I was about to post something about the rainy weather. About how it’s cold and I’m enjoying it. About how it made me want to stuff headphones into my ears or turning it up to eleven. About how I then decided to lock myself in the shoe closet and shoot a picture for the growing picture project. Or about my sister at the Jens Lekman gig.

Or about visiting another life group and trying my best to fit in (and failing). And about how I have the new Do Make Say Think CD before it’s even out.

But then a friend sent me a link and introduced me to Rob Bell. It ruined my attempts at being shallow. But rain makes more sense now.

I’m looking forward to the next downpour and a chance to listen even when my ears feel naked without the headphones.



  1. *thelongbrake

    my favorite nooma is ‘matthew’, but ‘rain’ is wonderful as well.

  2. thundered cat

    only a clip of ‘matthew’ is available, but the notes are good.

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