the earth is warmer when you laugh

I spent my New Year’s Eve watching Garden State (again) on DVD while stuffing my face with spaghetti. And it seemed so perfect to be reminded again that this is it, this is life and that is all we have. Then I got dressed and headed to church for the night service. I was late (again) but only half of the sanctuary was filled and that’s fine too. It was a very intimate service—by that I don’t mean to use ‘intimate’ as an excuse or cover-up for the lack of a better word. It was informal and our pastor left the preaching to the people.

One by one, they took their secret longings and visions to the stage. I don’t know if open-mike gigs could ever be this inspiring, but you know something is right when you see the church sharing their dreams with one another. They were calling something that is not as though it were. They were spilling bits and pieces of their humanity out there, unashamed like little children. Naked as we came.

With that, the midnight barbeque shindig later made more sense. All that sweating over the pit, talks over the semi-cooked chicken drumsticks, marshmallow burnt lips, oily fingers and carbon-filled bellies seemed worth it. And it still is.



  1. Anonymous

    Agreed *nods head*Happy New Year thundered cat

  2. pL

    inspiring open mike gigs :D heei don’t know why but i have a deep gut feeling and conviction that 07’s going to be way over our heads. in a good way :)

  3. thundered cat

    pl: are you pat low or poh lin? all these anonymous comments are not fun. but yes, over our heads is good. very good.

  4. Anonymous

    isn’t the initials pl linked to the person’s blog? it’s mine anyway.-pat

  5. thundered cat

    oh, sorry pat… but it doesnt seem to show a link on my browser. hmm.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Rachel! How have you been? I found your blog link through Kelvin Lim’s, and then through his fren’s, and thru his fren’s fren.. aagh, it doesn’t matter now. Haha, since I’ve found it. But hey girl, I love your posts! Keep posting! =)- Deborah

  7. thundered cat

    hello deb,i’ve been good, although i’m also terribly busy most of the time. thank you! hope you’re doing well too. do drop me a link to where you’re at online.

  8. younger than you

    Mallards in the air!!!

  9. youger than you

    ha! i spot the camera, cassette and hands! you’re not doing your work at the office!

  10. thundered cat

    are you stalking me?

  11. younger than you

    stop being so paranoid la. go have your bak kut teh in peace.

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