bridges + balloons

The year is coming to a close and there are so many things I could write about but I guess I won’t… well, not here… not yet. I’ve always loved December for a few reasons: 1) I get about a week off from work 2) Camps 3) Birthdays 4) Presents 5) Christmas decos and lights and Christmas itself… and also the pending year end. Knowing that another year is coming brings me much hope. It’s almost like opening another chapter or a new book. You don’t know what to expect, but the mystery of it keeps you going. And like every year’s end, there will be some bridges to burn and some balloons to blow.

Anyway, here’s to all:



  1. Jennifer

    I like the way you put it right at the end. It’s different, surprising, thought-provoking, and has an incredible depth of emotion under the non-dramatic tone of the entire entry. Merry Christmas to you too =)

  2. thundered cat

    thank you jenn (:will see you this coming christmas!

  3. Patriot L.

    Damn you and your poetic nature! And have a good one from the me in 37C Melbourne :(

  4. el'z

    nice pix ! christmas this time’s not as merry for me though… :(

  5. thundered cat

    leon: come back soon!chihui: thanks! not merry?? that’s sacrilegious… :O

  6. Anonymous

    Merry ChristMas ~

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