diamond sea

Here’s my week (or more) in reverse chronological order.

Besides having too many cakes (about six in total) for my birthday last month, the amount of chocolate and sugar I’ve been consuming is almost enough to make me not want to touch cakes and candies ever again. Almost. Above is Sel’s latest effort, Rocky Road Fudge with chocolate, hazelnuts, marshmallows, dried fruits, some biscuits, chocolate… and more chocolate. I think my friends have a secret ploy to fatten me up. I haven’t weighed myself to know, but last I checked, I need some extra 2 kilograms to graduate from my underweight status.

I was looking through a stack of old cassette tapes and CDs and found this gem. It’s one of my favourite albums (and album covers). I can’t find the CD version of it today in our record shops though.

That is Warren Ellis of Dirty Three (Oct 31st, 2006). He looked like Rasputin with a violin and a violent right leg. He spent most of the time facing his back to the audience and played lying down. I like how he looks headless here. Caught some really offbeat people in the crowd that night. This guy, let’s call him Mersing 12, was so high he did air-guitar and air-violin while head-banging in his pyjama pants. He later discovered how cupping his ears on-and-off created another sound effect and quickly shared the good news with his friend. Then they were both making sound effects only audible to themselves. He was the most animated audience I’ve ever seen.



  1. huong

    wow. seeing that sonic youth cassette tape takes me back…also, that photo of warren ellis is top shot.hope you’re doing well :)

  2. thundered cat

    hi houng,i’m glad it did some good. thank you :) yes, i’m doing well – if not a little stressed with work!

  3. the nat

    all those delicious-looking pictures of the cakes are making me crave for them! :P i want cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes! hehehhehee.hope you’re doing well. have been thinking of you and L lately; just miss hanging out with you girls. – nat

  4. thundered cat

    hey nat,haha… my friend, selina, is selling if you’re interested ;)we could meet up and figure out the way to get to her new place in PJ… hope you’re doing well too!

  5. Alucrix

    Oooh Sonic Youth! Is that the one Sugar kane is on? I <3 that song

  6. thundered cat

    no… it’s not here. it’s in Dirty. didn’t know you like sonic youth too :)

  7. Alucrix

    a bit lah :)

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