Here are some 35mm film pictures that were taken with a medium format camera when I visited Penang and Ipoh in the middle of this year. I like the vignette effect on the edges but I think I like going on holidays more.

Tomorrow I will be going to the spa with my mom and am contemplating if I should get the shiatsu or the aromatherapy massage. From Sunday to Wednesday I’ll be away at a retreat and am probably not bringing any camera with me this time for a change. I’ve been taking it on every getaway and been relying too much on it to jog my memory. I need to break that cycle and simply have fun and not worry if the bag is too damp for the camera or if someone’s going to hold it for me when I visit the loo or if I missed a good moment. And for someone like me who would habitually check if my car is locked a few seconds after I actually locked it, the thought of misplacing or not placing the lens cap on can be a real killer.

That’s a cake my friend gave me. I love blueberries and cheese (separate or together) but the mashed berries looked a lot like fattened dog ticks. And they tasted yummy. Thanks, Sel.



  1. cell

    fattened ticks indeed! wonder how you managed to have an appetite for them after the mental image of fattened ticks…

  2. sh.ayne

    oh EM gee. T_T i want the cake. it looks YUMMYY. xD poh lin here btw. haha. <333

  3. thundered cat

    hi poh lin :)haha… my friend makes good choc cakes too.

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