An injured bird was brought into the office a couple of days ago. It was calm and didn’t put up a struggle when we handled it or moved it from someone’s finger to another person’s hand. To my limited knowledge on fowls, it could be a dazed adult or a trusting young one. While holding it, I half expect it fly at my face and peck out my eyes, Hitchcock style. But it did nothing sinister except stare me down with its black eyes and extend its neck like a crane whenever it was moved up and down. I think the white lines above its eyes were supposed to make it look dangerous. It’s funny how the most delicate things in nature look the most defensive.

There are many things I could write about, but words escape me. Below are pictures depicting my emotional state (somewhat), although rather ambiguously.



  1. pa

    thanks for coming to the show.oooh, btw your THINK brain caused quite a stir during the run. i brought it to the studio and the cast thought it quite a hoot. so much so it landed unceremoniously in the drain.

  2. ...

    ah i left the ‘T’

  3. maditi

    those pictures could also depict my emotional state ;)lovely bird shot!!

  4. thundered cat

    you’re welcome, pat :)thanks so much for inviting!thanks, maditi! nice to see you drop by :)

  5. Anonymous

    great shots.

  6. Anonymous

    is that bird some type of swallow that moves very fast? i don’t see this type perched anywhere before :o it looks very ‘european’i hope the poor dear was healed :( i once picked up a sparrow that was hit by a windshield and i was saddened.-jk

  7. thundered cat

    no… i don’t think it’s a swallow. it doesn’t have that fork tail. it’s sad to see an injured bird… i once found a dead sparrow too. it was still warm :(

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