not in kanagawa

The above shot was taken in the ferry. The blonde lady was covered in freckles and was wearing a shirt that reads, “Crazy Horse”. While stopping over in Kuantan, I bought two Chinese magazines, which I will never fully understand, for only RM3.50. They came with travel guidebooks of Tokyo and New York, complete with pictures and maps. I still like imagining being someplace else.

I’m not so fond of beach photography so I took pictures of the ground and shadows instead. And that is my sister holding my ice-cream for me (she’s so useful). Unfortunately, the heart-printed paper wrapped around the cone says nothing about the taste of the ice-cream.

Here’s a Hokusai inspired shot. I’m too lazy to scan all the underwater shots, so that will have to do. A small blacktip reef shark swam across my face and was enough to send shivers down my spine. Darn those shark attack films!



  1. pat

    awesome pics as usual. i like the caption about reb being useful – hehe.

  2. thundered cat

    haha… thank you :)

  3. maditi

    I just love this pairing!! your photography is amazing, beautiful blog too :)

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