lover and the sea

Ten toes are itching to dive into sand and my lungs are dying to choke on salty breeze. To heighten the experience, I got myself a disposable underwater camera and a brand new roll of film today. Will be trigger happy from 18/8 – 21/8.



  1. lux

    Happy holidays!In the last post, was that us? Hehe.

  2. thundered cat

    thank you!! will leave in the afternoon.yes, it was us :)now you’re making me more nostalgic…

  3. lux

    I remember it like you do too! Except the rides in the red honda charade to school, of course. So escapist last time. :P Thanks for the, if I can call it that, tribute. Hehe. Nostalgia is a nice warm feeling :)

  4. munkao

    hi rachelim munkao and i actually got here thru flickr, eh , your drawings and fotos rock la!

  5. thundered cat

    lux: i think i’m still quite escapist. which explains my constant holiday-making… i think :)munkao: hi! thank you… :) i like your drawings, they’re good!

  6. Anonymous

    That’s a great story. Waiting for more. »

  7. Anonymous

    Best regards from NY! video editing schools

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