flowers and ferns

I came home from work today and saw this boy on a bicycle staring intently at three male cats surrounding a female cat across my street. They were taking turns. She was tired and could barely stand on her own feet. I’ve been listening to Ferns’ ‘Dear Derelict’ on a loop for the longest time. The song almost brought me to tears. My brother was trying to play The O.C. theme song on the melodion tonight. His fingers are sticky and he is munching on some garlic bread sticks while pulling up his pants. He is wearing the same bermudas since he was 11. The elastic is worn but he insists that he is losing weight. For the first time, I wish he’s right and I’m wrong. He likes to put his head near the speakers.

To those who came for the film screening on Tuesday night, thank you for making it happen with us. To those who missed, here’s a second chance.



  1. pat

    hehe..the film was…weird to say the least. my friends thought it kinky. oh ferns any good? read about their album ‘on botany’ and it seems like worth a check.

  2. thundered cat

    i like how the film is not so obvious and every kinky or destructive thought happens mostly in the mind of the viewer… yes, they’re good! i like what i hear… ‘on botany’ is not out yet tho. hopefully by the end of the year :)

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