peach plum pear

He’s got hands like mine, his heart is like his father’s. Somewhere in the playground he found himself. A little colour blind and a little adventurous. In the eyes of another boy he is the most beautiful song. They say he is a peacock, but I’ve got a swan for a brother. Neck full of feathers and mouth full of laughter. Father loves him like no other.



  1. el'z

    very nice… :)who is ‘he’ ? y the pic above’s a girl one?oh ya, did u took home fan’s other pic book that day ? i was supposed to borrow fr u, but i think i left it at her couch instd. ;(

  2. thundered cat

    thanks. hmm.. i can’t say. if i tell you it won’t be mysterious anymore ;)yes, i took fan’s book back. haven’t read it yet tho…

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