hdb heat

Singapore was hot, humid and crowded. Being a few degrees closer to the equator makes a huge difference, I suppose. I also took my first ever first-class bus—I was served drinks, a meal (fish and chips) and a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to wash it all down. In every seat you’d find a small yellow pillow for your napping comfort and if you’re cold, they’d even bring you a blanket. It was so comfortable, you wouldn’t even mind their constant bombardment of Celine Dion through the speakers. I can never afford a first-class plane ticket so this will suffice for now and I’m not complaining.

I’m used to taking naps in front of the TV but none of my napping experience prepared me for three nights on a deeply butt-embossed faux leather sofa. It was anything but luxurious, but at least I had a place to rest my head. All in all, Singapore was a much needed break for me. For four days, I had time to take my mind off work and every ounce of responsibility surrounding it.

The Man+God exhibition closing on Friday night was better than I expected it to be. I’m not so much a dance fan, but Lee Swee Keong was so conscious of his entire body, he made it seem so effortless… every muscle move is laced with grace. I used to think that contemporary dance was too stuck up and avant-garde to be understood, but that night I was converted. Maybe it was the live music performed by Ronnie Khoo (and 2/3 Ciplak) and gang of breathy musicians that made it work for me. Maybe it was in the knobs and shrieks.

I was also tempted to steal some of the interesting post-it messages to God. I don’t regret not stealing, but I pinch myself for not bringing a camera that night. Anyway, here are minor glimpses into my HDB experience. Pat, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t find any intellectual Singaporean guys for you (the closest I got was an old man who got his harmonica amped) but I did get you some interesting gifts. Oh, and I got myself an iPod.



  1. pat

    Ahhhh!!! You finally got the iPod! n-i-c-e…oh, its okay, they don’t have to be cute guys remember? LOLS. old men/women/beggar also will do ;) thanks for trying anyways!dang. you got to see the man+god exhibit. must have been plenty interesting. and yes, lee swee keong is amazing. i have seen him rehearse, in the rain.funny yet, it was entrancing watching him.

  2. thundered cat

    pat: haha… i will remember to pass you some souvenirs i got you from the muji store. they’re yummy (well, almost).it was interesting to see newer posters this time. oh, there’s man+god2, but the focus this time will be on words. i can email you the details… let me know if you’re keen :)

  3. pat

    yes please!

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