My name is Jaws. I’m about two months old and as you can see, I’m blessed with an off-white coat with ink-dipped ears. My eyes are painted in light blue and I think it’s the shade that best represents the Malaysian cloudy sky. Forgive the ugly picture as it was taken before my Dettol bath.

My owner likes to tell me how fortunate I am to be alive, but I think she just likes to remind me of how I have only seven lives left (I fell from the roof and was stuck in a very, very, very deep and hollow drain for a day). She also likes to rub my cheeks and chest to make me purr like a machinegun. But she can’t keep me for long as she will be in Singapore for four days and she has her hands full with a blind dog and a fat cat.

I’d appreciate it if you’d take me home (otherwise I would be sent to PAWS). My owner says that she would even throw in a scratching pole if you do! So please email her at thunderedcat@gmail.com if you’d like to give me a chance.

The kitten currently known as Jaws

P/S: Click here to see more pre-Dettol bath pictures of me!



  1. Itscheryl

    poor cute kittyhas a scary namejaws.. i imagine she’d be fierce like spudunfortunally with 2 cat hating doggies, jaws is not safe herepoor hamster’s fate shall not be urs jaws

  2. thundered cat

    cheryl: the name is reb’s idea. sigh… i’m leaving for singapore in the afternoon and i still haven’t found a home for him.

  3. Patriot L.

    He’s really cute! I’d take him if I was there, I think the white is rather fetching. Not to mention the killer name. :>

  4. thundered cat

    silex: …sigh :_(

  5. Patriot L.

    Updates on Jaws? :\

  6. Itscheryl

    oh i tot u were in singapore adiwho takes care of spud ?ehhe let spud take care of jaws =P

  7. el'z

    how’s spore? u seemed to head down quite often ?jst wondering, do u know where’s a good place to wash digital photos? a shop dad sent in din turn out quite well…(like it came out too exposed) why is it so hur?

  8. thundered cat

    silex and cheryl: i’m back from s’pore and jaws is still with me. i’m still looking for someone to adopt him. no, spud can’t look after a kitten… he’s too self-centered to do that! :Pchihui: s’pore was fun (and hot)! hmmm… you can try the photo lab in taipan, same row as pizza uno.

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