water marked

A picture taken at a restaurant and it has nothing to do with food.

It was my dad’s birthday and I didn’t get him anything except a hug. For my Singapore trip this weekend, I gave him some ringgit to be converted and to make me feel worse, he conveniently slipped in an extra S$150 for me to spend. Maybe he was politely hinting for a nice Singaporean bargain present.

[I wrote a bloody (literally) long paragraph here about how I found a kitten in my roof gutter and how I had to go prostrate on the ground with my arm in a very deep and hollow drain, but deleted it]

So anyway, the kitten’s lower lip is detached from its lower jaw and like most strays, it is suffering from cat flu and needs to be on antibiotics. My sister and I took it to the vet to get its lower lip stitched back and dewormed. I’m just thankful it didn’t die… I’m also looking for someone to adopt it, as long as you wouldn’t mind a kitten with a funny looking jaw. Will post up pictures as soon as I can. He (the kitten) is about 2 months old, cream body and Siamese-looking with light blue eyes. My sister wanted to call him Jaws.

Moving on, I was recently tagged by Pat (thank you, I love answering silly questionnaires). Ok, here are 6 weird facts about myself:

  1. I love airplane food because they come in neat packages, containers and foils even if it is not very pleasing to the taste bud.
  2. During the time when pen-pals were ‘in’, I used tell them I’m 1.72meters tall.
  3. In primary school, my friends and I were so bored with class and as tic-tac-toe became predictable, we tore our exercise books to eat paper.
  4. I wanted to be a mermaid and an astronaut. Actually, I still do.
  5. In the confines of my car and with the windows rolled up, I sing to Britney and Avril because it’s easy.
  6. I collect cheap boxer shorts. A recent addition is a black one with Homer’s Duff bottles and cans. My favourite is the glow-in-the-dark Gap boxers but it’s so pathetically loose now because I wore it too often. I also remember getting funny looks from other women for rummaging through the men’s underwear section like I’m looking for gold. But anyways, I think it’s good practice. Haha.

Yay, I feel so accomplished now.

Listen to the first five songs from Sufjan’s Avalanche here.



  1. pat

    yay! more weirdos in the midst :)enjoy s’pore and don’t forget my souvenir! (hint hint) i like intellectual looking guys. i think.haha.

  2. sel

    rach, how bout giving it to terk? maybe he’d like a cat now that buddy’s dead

  3. thundered cat

    pat: haha… ok, i will try! *jitters* sel: nah. i doubt he will want…

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