possibly, maybe

(Some stuff I made in between work and laziness)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling rather down. There are many other things I’d rather talk about than myself and there are times I’d rather not talk at all. When I’m in the company of friends, I felt most alone and when I’m alone, I felt as though I’ve found a best friend. There seems to be a voice between every cricket song and a silent hum in the stillness. Can quietness be this loud?

In Penang I met up with an old friend from college. She updated me with things she’s been doing and all that she plans to do. It made me miss the blithe days I had in college, when life was simpler and when things made sense. It was also a bitter reminder that the world only spins one way and every book has its ending. The day closes without your consent and life can go on without you. But maybe life was also in the crack of smile I forced the other day when I didn’t feel much like smiling. Maybe life was in the tub of ice-cream I bought for my mother and sister when I was broke. Maybe when I was least myself, I’m most alive.

Ok, enough of abstractions. Here are some interesting dolls I found in Penang, although personally I’m not fond of dolls.

So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten,
Sons are like birds flying always over the mountain.
– Sam Beam



  1. Alucrix

    WOw, didn’t know you had a blog. Neat stuff! Love your picts! <3

  2. bryan limus

    hi rachel~and again…awesome nice photos..=)keep on smiling rachel..u look really good with a smile on…even a smirk is nice~

  3. thundered cat

    jay + bryan: ahah, thanks… :)

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