i should be sleeping

We picked her bones up with chopsticks and placed them into the porcelain jar yesterday. It was weird seeing her remains all burnt up and looking like sand and debris. It’s so dead. It’s like a hermit crab that left its shell empty in search of a bigger shell… life no longer inhabits it.

I also bought some pink and white orchids from the market. I don’t really know why I wanted them, but I felt better after I placed them in the house. That’s my cat being a busybody.

The other night, my cousins and I were swapping stories over the huge pot of flaming ‘hell money’ (literally). We shared about what we used to do together when we were younger, all the fun games we used to play and pranks we pulled on others. When it was getting late, we sprawled ourselves on our grandma’s mattress, giggling about boyfriends and funny pictures. Unknowingly, our grandma’s demise bridged the great divide age made for us. After many awkward years, we shared a common experience again.

I came in for work this morning to find the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs CD on my desk and it picked me up. I’m also glad that the new Flatfish website I illustrated is up, thanks to the bearded geeks behind all that programming. I guess I will be fine.

And thank you, my geographically distant friend, for ringing me up. It meant a lot. Ok, goodnight.



  1. el'z

    *whoa*neat website (flatfish) !!! looks like a ‘classic’ art piece. Did u sketch the zoo-folio down too ?;pHow come i can’t seem to linked to the organization’s webpg(i.e think.com., aya)? when i clicked on it, only pics came out..

  2. thundered cat

    thanks :)yeah, i did the animals too.we wanted the websites to be previewed as images but not the site itself.

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