Was walking back from lunch on Friday and I passed an old man with an open briefcase.
He sold me a $7 smoking pipe.
Photoshopped smoke here.

[Denison Witmer – Little Flowers]



  1. scribbler

    yo yo! hehehe.. nice new blog :) hopefully this time you really keep it alive ya.. don’t suddenly abandon it :P and blogspot is the best isn’t it? hahaha…

  2. el'z

    hiya,greens :) thx for lunch today.glad ur posting it up to the public again. always marveled at the way you write !

  3. ketiak

    Damn… you look so hawt with that pipe in your mouth… So hawt! ;)

  4. thundered cat

    nat: yeah, sometimes i wish i’m not so much a nomad and would actually stay put.chihui: welcome and thank you :) when your exams are over, we can go for ice-cream.ketiak: hahaha! very funny!

  5. Patriot L.

    Link to DA from your post is broken, dearie. As yes, it looks very sultry ;)

  6. pat

    ooohh…new place…

  7. thundered cat

    silex: haha… thanks. i fixed it, hope it works now. you’re such a lovable geek :P and btw, i curled the ends of my hair!pat: *waves*offers cookies and milk*

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