These days the rain frequents the ground every late afternoon. It’s nice, except that I wish I wasn’t working every time it rained. I wish that when it rained, it wouldn’t dry itself up so fast and leave the ground cracking and lusting for more. I wish that the sun would come out gently and not be so harsh. I wish I have a black and white polka dotted umbrella… or that red HSBC umbrella I saw the other night.

I don’t want to wear you like an oversized yellow raincoat—purposeful but fashionably dysfunctional. I don’t want to blush when it rains or when the neatly packed plastic raincoat slips out from my bag. I want you to be the umbrella I never had. You will shelter me and I will hold on to you and remain in you.

[Cat Power – Where is My Love]


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